Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is Santa Fe Babe Ruth?

    1. Founded in 1986, we are one of the longest running recreational baseball organizations in the area. We believe every child should have the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of baseball, with our core values of honor, integrity, unity, diversity and sportsmanship. SFBR is not for profit and is 100% volunteer driven. We have a partnership with both the City of Alachua and the City of High Springs.

  2. Is this considered Little League?

    1. No, SFBR is a chartered league with Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League. Like LL but a whole different organization. Over 90% of youth baseball/softball leagues in Florida participate in Babe Ruth League.

  3. What ages do you serve?

    1. 4-15 year old

  4. Do you allow girls to play baseball?

    1. Yes, girls are welcome to play in any age division

  5. What age division is my child?

    1. Our age divisions are broken down as follows:

      1. Tball 4-6

      2. Juniors 5-6 (when available)

      3. Rookie 7-8

      4. Minors 9-10

      5. Majors 11-12

      6. Seniors 13-15 (when available)

  6. How do I know what age division my child would be in?

    1. The cutoff date is April 30th. The age your child is on as of May 1st of that year is their league age for the entire year.

      1. Example #1; your child was born on January 10, 2010, league age for the entire year is 10.

      2. Example #2; your child was born on May 10, 2010, league age for that year is 9.

  7. Can my Child play up in the next age division?

    1. Yes, if you think your child is advanced and is ready to be challenged at the next level you may move your child up one age division.

  8. Can my child play down in a lower age division?

    1. No, playing down is not allowed per Babe Ruth rules. Occasionally there are specific reasons that a child may be allowed to play down, these would need to be approved by league officials.

  9. If my child would be in the next age come next spring season, is it recommended that he/she play up in the fall season prior?

    1. Yes, we encourage but do not require players to play up in the fall season prior to moving up in the spring.

  10. What is Tball?

    1. For ages 4-6, Tball utilizes a tee for batting, all defensive positions are filled, everyone bats and plays the field. This is where the fundamentals and basics of baseball are taught. Coaches are allowed on the field to assist defensive players. Batter swings until the ball is put into play. Games are 60-75 minutes in length.

  11. What is Juniors division?

    1. For ages 5-6, this division is only available if there are enough players to fill a team. This is still under the Tball division and is designed for the more advanced and experienced ages (most 6 year old & some 5’s). Juniors helps with the transition from a tee to the pitching machine. Each batter receives three (3) pitches from the machine (slower speed than rookie), if the batter is unable to put the ball in play then he will have two attempts from the tee. Batter may choose to receive all five (5) attempts from the pitching machine. Batter has five attempts total to put the ball into play unless the fifth attempt is foul, three (3) strike rule does not apply. All other rules are as applied in the rookie division.

  12. What is Rookie division?

    1. For ages 7-8, a pitching machine operated by a coach is used to deliver a consistent pitch for the batter to learn how to hit a pitched ball. Each batter receives a maximum of five (5) pitches to put the ball into play. Batter is called out after three (3) swinging strikes or is unable to put the ball into play after the fifth pitch unless the fifth pitch is a foul ball then the batter will receive more pitches needed to put the ball in play or strikes out. Continuous batting order is used. 10 defensive players in the field. Games are 1:30 long.

  13. What is Minors division?

    1. For ages 9-10, we start traditional baseball with live pitching (not coach pitch). Just like regular baseball nine (9) defensive players in the field. Continuous batting order is used. No leadoffs, stealing is allowed. No balks are called, no drop 3rd strike, no infield fly rule. 1:30-1:45 game length.

  14. What is Majors division?

    1. For ages 11-12, we extend the bases to 70’, leadoffs and stealing are allowed, balks are now called, drop 3rd strike and infield fly rule is in effect. Nine (9) defensive players and continuous batting order is used. Games are 1:45 in length.

  15. What is Seniors division?

    1. For ages 13-15, this division is only available if there are enough players to fill a team. Bases are extended to 90’, traditional baseball rules apply. Games are 1:45-2 hours in length.

  16. What is a continuous batting order?

    1. This is where every player bats in the batting lineup, this allows for free substitutions.

  17. When is baseball season?

    1. We offer baseball in both spring and fall seasons.

  18. How long does spring or fall seasons run?

    1. Typical spring season

      1. Dec-Jan; registration

      2. Feb; player evaluations, team drafts and practices begin

      3. March-April; Jamboree and games

      4. May; games ending, all-star selection, end of year pizza party

    2. Typical fall season

      1. July-Aug; registration

      2. September; team drafts and practices begin

      3. Oct-Nov; games begin around the first part of Oct and generally end before Thanksgiving week.

  19. Are there any games or practices held during my child’s spring break?

    1. No. We follow the Alachua County School Board calendar, all official league activities are suspended the Saturday at the start of spring break through the Sunday before school resumes.

  20. What is Jamboree?

    1. Jamboree is where all our teams gather for opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies include National Anthem, recognizing our teams and area dignitaries, BBQ dinner, bounce houses, helicopter landing, team pictures and of course baseball games.

  21. When are practices held?

    1. Pre-season practice is typically twice a week, days are chosen by the coach and usually run 5:30pm-7pm.

  22. Where are practices and games held?

    1. We have 12 baseball fields located in both Alachua and High Springs that we utilize for practices.

    2. Home games are held at either Memorial Park in High Springs, Skinner Field in Alachua or at the Hal Brady Rec Center also in Alachua.

  23. How far do we have to travel for away games?

    1. Generally, we only schedule games with other nearby leagues (Gainesville, Ft White, Newberry, etc)

  24. How much is registration?

    1. All age divisions-$100

  25. Is a uniform provided with my registration?

    1. Yes

      1. Tball will receive a shirt, hat, elastic bottom pants and matching socks

      2. Rookie, Minors & Majors will get a shirt, hat, full length pants and matching belt

      3. Seniors will receive a shirt, hat and matching belt

  26. What equipment do I need to provide for child?

    1. Every player should have their own glove and cleats. Generally, everyone has their own bat and batting helmet (SFBR will provide a batting helmet upon request). SFBR will provide one set of catcher’s gear per team to use during the season. For safety we ask that all male baseball players wear a protective athletic cup to practices and games for Juniors division and higher.

  27. What bat can my child use?

    1. Tball

      1. Any bat labelled for tball use only

    2. Rookie, minors & majors

      1. Must be a USA approved bat or an all-wood bat.

      2. Bats labeled for tball use cannot be used

      3. USSSA, BBCOR or composite wood bats are NOT allowed

    3. Seniors (13-15)

      1. USA, wood, USSSA and BBCOR bats are allowed

  28. What is expected of as a parent?

    1. Parents are asked to abide by the parent code of conduct (can be found under the forms tab on the website). We ask that you support your team and SFBR by volunteering to help with your team as is asked by the coach or team mom. We also ask that you help by volunteering for concession duty as required by each team, this is one way that helps keep our registration fee down.

  29. Can I volunteer to coach or be a team mom?

    1. Yes! We are always looking for volunteers. Please contact the Commissioner for your age group, or Apply to Coach when registering your child.

  30. Do your coaches/team mom have to pass a background check?

    1. Yes, as required by state law all our coaches, team moms and other volunteers must complete and pass a background screening as well as an abuse training program that is required by Babe Ruth League.

  31. I still have a question about registration, who should I contact?

    1. Our Player Agent can assist you with any questions you may have,

  32. I am interested in a position on the Board of Directors, what would be required of me and who do I contact?

    1. Contact the league President for any questions you may have,

  33. Can my business be a team sponsor?

    1. Yes, we have several different sponsorship packages to suit your business. You may inquire by contacting our league secretary,